Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Citrus - dwarf lemon, cumquat and orange

I was first introduced to citrus when I was a child with a couple of cumquat plants in the garden and remember always loving a good cumquat drink after a hot day at school. This blog is to track my success and learning's on growing citrus at home in Melbourne Australia.

In May 2012 I ventured into getting some citrus plants for our small backyard. Searched online and finally went into ebay to purchased 5 plants which I thought were cheap. After more research and reading about cuttings and grafted plants, I realised I had made a mistake by purchasing the 5 citrus plants which were cutting grown. Cutting grown plants will take many more years to start producing fruit (if ever) and are more prone to disease. So the search continued.

After more reading, I settled on getting a dwarfed lemon tree due to space constraints in the backyard. I found a nursery in Monbulk, and purchased a dwarfed lemon meyer tree, a dwarfed orange valencia and a cumquat. These were all grafted plants and there were some fruits on the lemon tree and the cumquat.

Dwarf Lemon Meyer - May 2012
Cumquat - May 2012

Dwarf Orange Valencia - May 2012
I re-potted them using Debco Premium Potting Mix with Osmocote slow release citrus fertilizer. My journey is just starting and being winter in Melbourne, Australia, I'm hoping they don't suffer due to frost on a particularly cold night.

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